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Love Makes a Difference

A Greater Ministry

Our Ministry began as  a mission of charitable compassion by a personal patron. At that time we noticed that the application process for standard charities was overly complex and constituted an obstacle more than anything. Of course donors wanted to be sure their money went to legitimate needs and not to some fly by night scam artist, but the whole idea of personal dignity was tossed out the window with stigmatizing  questions and complex demands on the recipient. Many recipients could not read or lived with vision challenges while others had records of cancellations, foreclosures, court involvements and traumatic experiences which left them ill-positioned to negotiate a labyrinth of government documentation and exclusionary policies. Good people in need of assistance were going without due to red tape and compounded indignities.

Your Inner Beauty Can Blossom In The Right Supportive Environment

Your donations can make a world of difference to someone in need, keep our ministry afloat. and bring much-needed light into a life of struggles.

Advocacy: Together We Are Strong

So many other avenues of help seemed to concern themselves with ‘what is wrong’ with a recipient and proceed with an effort to fix them. We saw this approach as undignified and out-of-line. We firmly believe in strength-based approaches and act accordingly.

A Ministry of Greater Wholeness

We feel that one cannot successfully treat half a person. We have seen how recipients blossom into their true nature of natural beauty when the whole being is nurtured with acceptance. We are advocates of holistic and alternative approaches that reach out and support the whole individual, while relieving the burdens of former struggles.

We are constantly in need of volunteers because we are all in this together. We learned some time ago that by recruiting and training our own volunteers, we could meet our agency’s staffing needs while elevating the community’s overall net-value in improving someone’s chances in life through greater employability in the business sector (once they leave us for bigger things) and allowing individuals the opportunity to contribute to the greater world and give back something of what they recieve. This, we discovered, afforded greater pride and self-worth.